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Workshops across different art forms like theatre, photography and creative writing to nurture and engage the artist within you.

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Myriad of competitions and campaigns to create an encouraging atmosphere for the aspiring artists and to give them an opportunity to grow

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To create a body of research to fill up the glaring lack of assessment of importance of art forms in our education system.

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And Much More

And many more initiatives to integrate Art forms into Indian Education system. Think Arts, Think The Igniters.


A new approach to learning in 21st Century

We are a bunch of socially active people, and The Igniters is the manifestation of our efforts at promoting art forms & its integration in our education system. Our mission is to enrich the lives of students, educators and lifelong learners by providing opportunities for engagement with various art forms ranging from theatre, photography to creative writing. We aim to become a support system which financially stabilizes the vulnerable art forms and provides a platform for the interested individuals in pursuing their interest in art forms as professional careers which hindrance caused by lack of infrastructure, instructors or the guidance and motivation needed for the same.


The Force Behind The Change

Praveen Kumar

Co-founder/ Creative Director


Co-founder/ Technical Director

Nikita Sangwan

Marketing Director

Shikha Singh

Media Director

Shubham Pahwa

Public Relations Director

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