About Us

WHO wE are?

We are a bunch of socially active people, and The Igniters is the manifestation of our efforts at promoting art forms & its integration in our education system.

Why focus on art forms?

Decades of extensive research from the educationists and experts around the world has established that art forms are highly crucial for an individual’s holistic development. Besides improving the academic performance and nurturing creative inclinations, it also fosters our personal development, basically, everything that the gospel of education stands for.

But paradoxically, our current education system relegates arts to the margins, as we veer off towards technology and inventions with the advent of the 21st century. In doing so, it fails to extract the creativity and imagination of our multi-talented new generation that can boost innovation.

Current Scenario

Most of the stakeholders in our education system, parents and educators, in particular, are either oblivious to its importance or they refuse to acknowledge it.Either way, it’s unfair. What aggravates the concern is the ignorance of the policymaker’s attitude towards this issue.

Although there have been some efforts from independent organisations to promote arts of various forms, but these efforts, owing to their isolated approach have not been effective and have left the masses untouched.

All of these factors, when put together, create a vacuum that makes our education system reluctant, if not hostile, to artistic and creative advances. And this is the vacuum that The Igniters aim to fulfil.

Learning in 21st Century

With the new technologies proliferating everyday, the world is changing faster then ever. We are caught in an unending whirl of change where the dynamics of living, learning and working is changing daily and we cannot thrive without adapting to it.

In the wake of this unprecedented change, our age old ideals of education is no longer effective. 

Why do we need to evolve our education system?

With the coming up of new, unexplored careers and jobs, students must develop strong critical thinking and interpersonal communication skills in order to be successful in this increasingly fluid, interconnected, and complex world. 

No longer does learning have to be one-size-fits-all or confined to the classroom. Its time for us to re-imagine 21st century education that will help students to be learners for life. With technology being the trump card of the game, the whole scenario of education should be reversed, cause learning is not just about facts and marks, but rather skills. 



Critical thinking
Problem Solving
Where do we come in?

The Igniters, foreseeing these factors, has come up with the concept of skill building and asset enhancing workshops, seminars and a whole lot of activities to groom individuals to become unique entities in themselves and become 21st century pro.

With the support of people from both arts and education community; we aim to make our education system more balanced and inclusive of all the aspects directly linked to holistic development of an individual as well as society.