"I begin with an Idea, then it becomes something else"- Pablo Picasso


2017 was, in many ways, a year of learning for The Igniters. As we bounced off from workshop to workshop, organizing event after event, we learnt a lot about about strength and weaknesses. But even more satisfying was the way our vision evolved over the year, which eventually culminated in a pledge to integrate Art forms into our Education system.  We are hopeful of doing even better in the coming years, but we'll always remember 2017 as the year we took off.


Art Exchange Program

One of the achievements of the year was our Art Exchange Program in Nepal, which was also the first time we stepped beyond the frontiers of our country.


One of the year's greatest moment was getting awarded the National Youth Empowerment award by International Association of Educators for World Peace. 


The year also witnessed the formation of Gypsy, our own heritage club. To know about Gypsy and about its program, Click Here.