January 4, 2017

College Ambassador

We are a bunch of socially active people, and The Igniters is the manifestation of our efforts to promote different art forms and its integration in our education system.
We believe that our education, due to its proclivity to overemphasise academics, is not dynamic enough to cope up with the change that is happening with the advent of the 21st century. By relegating art forms to the margins, our students are losing out on important skills like creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration etc.

The Igniters, through its carefully planned programs and campaigns, wants to change this.Therefore we work to promote disciplines like theatre, photography, creative writing among masses. Our target is not only the students but also the teachers and parents, as only with the help of every stakeholder we can bring the much-needed equality in the education system.
But a handful of people, despite their best efforts, cannot bring about change. As the initiative concerns students mostly, we want to reach connect to as many of them as we can. For this purpose, we need efficient, dynamic student leaders who can work as connectors and help us promulgate our mission to the world.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for motivated individuals who can work with us as campus ambassadors or want to be a part of the founding team of The Igniters in their college.
There is no limitation on who can apply except that you must be a student on campus. But we expect the applicants to be a bit informed about Indian education scenario and arts education in India. But don’t let that hold you back, go ahead, fill up your credentials and we’ll send you a document, once you complete the registration.

After a small interval of time, we’ll have a chat to measure what you understand of our mission and objectives.

And if everything goes well, your journey as an IGNITER will begin.
Once you become an Igniter, the journey will be nothing less than thrilling, we can guarantee you as much. Some of Your responsibilities will be as follows:
1. Plan The Igniters promotion activities.

2. Help team The Igniters promote The Igniters on campus

3. Gather feedbacks from students.

4. Give the team advice on localisation strategy.

5. Work in sync with the core team to maximise the impacts of every event.
Remember, these responsibilities are only the basic outline to guide you through your efforts, not to restrict you. You will have full autonomy to engage your innovative abilities to plan and design activities.
At the end of the year, your performance will be judged (liberally, of course!). You will be given a certificate and a letter of recommendation. But most importantly, you will have an experience of closely working with the stakeholders of the education system, of planning and designing impactful community events and of being a changemaker in the truest sense.

Additionally, the best of the IGNITERS will stand a chance to win an award for their exemplary contribution.
So, Are you ready to be an IGNITER?

Click Here to begin.