December 8, 2016

Our Approach

Our Work


We have adopted a multi-pronged approach to address the different aspects of the system. Our team will work simultaneously at many levels, to reach different stakeholders, making our work more impactful.

  • Awareness- Through our interactive and engaging campaigns, we will induct people into arts community by making them aware of the different options available and of the inherent outcomes too. The thrust would be to engage the educators and the guardians of the children, so that a conducive atmosphere for the child to follow his or her artistic interests could be created.
  • Collaborations- This is the most important pillar of our multi-fold objective
  1. With Organizations- We will collaborate with the Non- governmental organizations, schools and different educational institutions to reach our target audience and also to join efforts for this cause.
  2. With Students- We will also reach out to students, through our events across different artistic forms to engage the artist in them. Our efforts would be to reach students at all three levels i.e. primary, secondary and higher secondary, catering to their respective needs.
  3. With Experts- To consolidate our idea further and also to make it more accessible, we will try to create a network of successful individuals who believe deeply in our cause. Lending the expert voice in support of arts education will help us drive out the skepticism prevalent in society regarding the arts education. These experts would also be involved in devising new techniques of developing a better education system.
  • Research and Training- In the Indian education scenario today, there is a shocking absence of a body of research in the field of art forms. Therefore, one of the core motives of The Igniters would be to undertake research in this field assessing the impact of arts education, in general, and of our programmes, in particular.

The Igniters would also undertake training programmes and workshops across different disciplines. At the moment we’ll be restricting our efforts to the field of creative writing, theatre, and Photography, but in the imminent future, we’ll be coming up with workshops in numerous disciplines. These training sessions would follow an innovating lesson/activity design, which would be consistently modified to cater to needs of the audience.